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Air Audits

Undergoing an audit is the first step to improving the energy efficiency of your compressed air system. We will audit all areas including generation, treatment, distribution and process usage. This will identify any areas of process misuse or wastage, which may be creating excessive energy costs. In most cases initial corrective action can be taken using no and low cost methods.

However, beyond the initial audit and corrective action, a combination of BOGE Energy products could be implemented to ensure that energy savings are sustainable.


Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Leaks on an average, in an unmanaged compressed air system, can account for up to 40% of the total compressed air used on the site. Using an Ultrasonic Leak Detector, We can detect those costly leaks, many which will be undetectable to the naked ear.



We offer the full installation service from system design through to installation.

We can also provide a free consultation on air systems and design a pipework system to suit your needs.

We offer two types of pipework the traditional galvanised and/or the modern aluminium all in compliance with the health and safety pressure regulations.

Our sizes of galvanised nominal board tubing ranges from ½" BSP – 5" BSP threaded.

The aluminium sizes range from 15mm – 63mm.


Whether it is the traditional galvanised pipe you require or the modern aluminium extruded installation, our engineers are fully trained and with many years of experience can complete the installation in a timely manner

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