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Planned Preventative Maintenance Schemes


Our philosophy is ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Air compressor maintenance programmes are at the core of our business activities.


Preventative maintenance consists of having a service carried out regularly. Our standard services are tailored to site specific requirements, at which time the equipment is checked thoroughly to ensure that it's in full working order.

Since most companies rely heavily upon an uninterrupted supply of compressed air for their production, it is sensible for them to invest in a preventative maintenance programme, rather than suffer costly breakdowns and repairs.

Our service support team will work with you to agree a maintenance service programme that is tailored to your needs.

This will minimise the risk of costly downtime or lost production. In addition to this, our team of fully trained and certified engineers are competent to service all makes of air compressors, dryers and filters, and are available twenty-four hours a day for emergency call outs

Our policy of supplying only genuine spare parts and service also reduces the opportunity for failure and consequential losses.

Our maintenance agreements include a genuine 24 hour / 365 days a year emergency breakdown cover


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